Heavy Traffic Flow & Road Accident

Key Features:

  • Explore the Average Daily Traffic Flow at Major Road Intersections, overlaid by the common Accident Hot Spot Locations.
  • Transport Department and Traffic Police can plan for preventive measure to reduce the accidents and traffic blocks.
Story Map Link:

Smart City Dashboard

Business Driver:

  • Multiple IoT Sensors and independent systems
  • Not able to view collaborative details for business decisions
  • Not able to visualize the information based on the City Zones and Communities


  • Built comprehensive and centralized analytics platform for Smart Cities
  • Real-time analytics for environmental monitoring, traffic monitoring & control, safety and security monitoring, utilities capacity and consumption reporting, and interactive citizens dashboard

Value Proposition:

  • Enhance decision making
  • Easy to monitor Smart City KPI, Access to right information


  • Google Dialog flow, Tensor flow, Portal for ArcGIS, Microsoft .NET, Operations Dashboard, WEB GIS API