Organizations, small or big, are looking for solutions that can lower the total cost of ownership while remaining competitive. Understanding this business need, iSpatialTec provide customized solutions that leverage GIS technology for desired outcome. Our bespoke solutions are available across desktop, web and mobile platforms. Our teams, backed by their extensive experience, define the right technology-based solution to develop new GIS applications, convert / migrate legacy GIS applications or upgrade existing GIS applications. Our technology expertise includes multiple development programming interfaces including ArcObjects, WebADF, AGOL, ArcGIS Web APIs (using Silverlight, JavaScript or Flex).

We have a reputation of either building customized solutions grounds up or to take over the maintenance and support of the client's existing applications.

Web GIS Application Development: Our team has rich experience in developing Web applications using ESRI technologies and JavaScript APIs. Our solutions are fully scalable and customized and can be easily adaptable.

Desktop GIS Application Development: We have expertise developing ArcGIS Desktop applications, extensions, developing and consuming WEB services, integrating with other business systems and custom applications. We develop custom data management tools, quality control tools, tools for Printing and Map book creation, event handling tools, managing internal business workflow, using Arc objects and Microsoft .NET technologies

Mobile GIS Application Development: The phenomenal growth and usage of smartphones and tablets is bringing new opportunities for improving operational efficiency specifically for the mobile workforce. Our mobile application team develop applications and mobile-optimized websites supporting all screen resolutions (Smart Phones/Tablet PCs). We leverage ArcGIS server mobile API's for consuming ArcGIS server services, JavaScript and HTML5, as well as development tools like Xamarin, Telerik, Cordova, React Native, PhoneGap, Ionic and Appcelerator. We have experience building commercial and internal business mobile apps for Android and provide native app development for the complete suite of Apple devices. For our cross-platform and hybrid apps users, we prioritize a native feel taking the time to lock down a consistent functionality and responsiveness between iOS, Android and Windows app versions.

GIS Web Services Integration: iSpatialTec develops SOAP and REST based spatial and non-spatial web services in accordance with business needs. We have developed Web Services using .NET and JAVA programming language for different clients.

Geo AI, IoT, Data Analytics: We provide support with the latest technologies that helps to integrate Artificial Intelligence, data Analytics, Real Time sensors monitoring, big data and Internet of Things (IoT) with your GIS. We provide support to integrate some of the common sensors and data feeds, like in-vehicle GPS devices, mobile devices and social media providers. Our services include setting up real-time filters, processors and analytical capabilities that can enhance your streaming data to ensure the most important information is returned.