In the field of robotics and automation, iSpatialTec together with its partner, Innovation Floor conducts research towards 360o navigation, facial recognition, voice and speech recognition, voice command interfaces etc. We develop and apply different toolkits for Robots free movement, such as Aethon, or CarMen.

We develop custom Android API-s for the pattern recognition (face, voice) that are based on artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms, such as: nearest neighbors, discriminant analysis, decision trees, naïve Bayes classifier, neural networks and support vector machines.

Our robotic solutions are based on the Android OS, so that the users can easily control their custom robots. We perform robot customization for various industries and application scenarios:

  • Guest Greeting
  • Educational Support
  • Home Accompany
  • Health Care
  • Business/Information Consultancy
  • Queuing Management
  • Information Guide
  • Shopping Guide/Tourist Guide
  • Ads/Media Delivery