iSpatialTec helps Enterprises in building flexible, scalable and cost-effective IT infrastructure and support Enterprises to plan, architect, build and integrate solutions across private, public and multicloud environments.

We have dedicated infrastructure teams having deep expertise working with all major cloud infrastructure providers.


Amazon Web Services


Google Cloud Platform


Microsoft Azure

Advantages of Using Cloud Infrastructure:

Key benefits to migrating to a cloud infrastructure that helps companies streamline business processes.

Cost: First and foremost, the cloud removes or greatly reduces the operating expense of a company setting up and managing its own data center. With cloud infrastructure, a company simply pays for it all to be managed while paying only for as-needed services.

Agility and flexibility: Most cloud service infrastructures are offered as self-managed, where service changes can be made within minutes. This improves the uptime and efficiency of business systems and a company becomes more business-focused than IT-focused.

Security: Cloud infrastructure technologies and providers are always improving protection against hackers, viruses and other data breaches with stronger firewalls, advanced encryption keys and a hybrid approach that stores sensitive data in a private cloud and other data, even apps, in a public cloud.

Our Service Offerings

  • Cloud Application Management Services
  • Security Assessment and Planning
  • Cloud Advisory Services
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Cloud Integration
  • Hybrid Cloud