BrAeIn brings the ability to automatically identify patterns and detect anomalies in the data helping organizations to enhance their operational efficiencies with greater accuracy.


  • Image Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Self-driving Technology
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Language
  • Robotics
  • Virtual Assistants

Business Benefits:

  • Optimizes the Business Operations
  • Smart Decision Support
  • Saves Time & Cost
  • Continuously monitors & records the operational information from IoT devices, along with location data
  • Identifies the data patterns from historical information & live feeds
  • Predicts the system performance in advance
  • Enhance decision making
  • Flags abnormalities & alerts using GIS-enabled Dashboards
  • Uses location information along with operational information to measure performance & supports in optimizations
  • Uses location information for Asset Tracking, besides maintenance support & scheduling
  • Helps the Cities becoming Smarter, Safer & Reliable

Location-based decision support system helps to plan, optimize and streamline the operations efficiently. Smart Geo App framework helps to quickly build Web and Mobile based Geo enabled applications with a full suite of spatial analysis, reporting functions and location-based services.


  • Powerful Mapping Analysis Tools
  • Visualize multiple source of map services
  • Buffering & Routing Analysis
  • Map Share & Printing
  • Advanced search (Spatial and Attribute)
  • Geo Analytics (BI & KPI Dashboards)
  • Mashups - Integration
  • Live Data Feed Data Monitoring and Alerts
  • Spatial business process Automation

Business Benefits:

  • Quickly develop Geo enabled applications (2D & 3D) as per your specific business requirements
  • Easily maintained and extend the functions as per the business maturity
  • Can easily integrate with any other business systems
  • Easy to build Geo enabled KPI dashboard and analytical reports.
  • Supports latest Esri ArcGIS 10.6 environment
  • Geo enabled business process automation
  • IoT live tracking and monitoring

eSmart Permit solution automates the work permit approval process reducing the workflow times between the applicant, approval team and management


  • Mobile and Web Based application functions
  • Fully automated permitting process
  • Role-based Dashboards
  • Geo location analysis and decision support
  • Document Management
  • KPI monitoring dashboards and Reports
  • Security (Single Sign On, Role Based functions)
  • Integration with other business systems

Business Benefits:

  • Fully automated work permit approval process
  • Easy to track and monitor the application progress
  • Geo enabled work location analysis
  • Build transparent communication between applicant and approval team
  • Monitor KPI and perform process improvements
  • Easily access the information from office and field
  • Easy to extend the functionality

Smart Field Geo helps field workforce to access location-based info pertaining to assets or facilities and assess maintenance works.


  • A Smart Field Geo is designed to store, retrieve, manage, display, and analyze all types of spatial data during the field operations
  • Common GIS mapping analysis tools like
    • Map navigation
    • Search for facilities
    • Routing, Redlining
    • Measurements
    • Export Maps
    • Basemap gallery
    • Adding multiple sources if maps
    • Identify facilities details
    • Nearest facilities, buffering analysis
  • Works in both online & offline modes
  • Data is secured in an online & offline mode
  • Supports different GIS data formats: geo-json, tiled maps, WFS, WMS, Spatialite, ArcGIS Rest services
  • Easy to configure & style the map with different symbology
  • Easy to configure & manage the data layers. Supports hierarchical, grouping & nesting of related data layers
  • Edit data & synchronize between field and office
  • Application available for Android, iOS & Windows mobile platforms

Business Benefits:

  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Easy to access the right information at the right time
  • Reduce paper-based process, reduce human efforts and increase the productivity
  • Save cost and time
  • Easy to use mobile Solutions
  • Works online and offline mode
  • Easily configure spatial enables business process for data collection and updates
  • Easily configure business data related to work orders, maintenance history along with spatial data
  • Easy to access relevant documents for review
  • Real-time location access can perform live data analysis during the field operations and inspections

eCube Apps is a cloud-based SaaS platform for data collection and analysis which can be used for Customer Satisfaction Survey, Field Data collection, Online registrations, Opinion Polls and Online Examinations. This application can be accessed from Web & Mobile (Android/iOS).


  • Online forms designer
  • Real time reports designer
  • Smart Phone & Tab Access
  • Share form in Social Media, e-mail, Website page, QR Code
  • Data Export & Import
  • Secure System Access
  • Cloud Service

Business Benefits:

  • Improve Business Performance
  • Transparent Information
  • Save Paper and Printing
  • Access from anywhere and anytime
  • Easy to Reach Customers
  • Data History and Analytics
  • Easy to use solution

eCube Software is a fast track platform for creating web applications in quick time & affordable cost. The eCube code engine generates enterprise level business applications with a single click.


  • Fast track web application development
  • Reduce application development cost and time
  • Providing quick prototype for analyzing a better understanding of system requirements
  • The well matured eCube engine will generate a good quality application
  • Delivered application follows standard 3 Tier architecture and easy to maintain
  • Easy to extend the functions

Business Benefits:

  • It's a complete intelligent engine with built-in libraries & web application interface
  • The eCube Software can be easily accessed from anywhere and anytime
  • The eCube system is highly configurable and any business rules required, intelligent workflow
  • It provides an enterprise security, reporting needs can be fed into the solution

Complete Training Platform Powered by AI

  • Learning Management Software

    Discover the power of structured learning, spark productivity and compliance among all audiences.

  • Training Management Software

    Manage face to face training- Registration, Cancellation, Waitlist, Instructors and much more.

  • Learning Experience Platform

    Improve learner engagement & showcase effectiveness with AI-driven open & social learning.

  • Course Catalog

    Improve learner engagement & showcase effectiveness with AI-driven open & social learning.

  • Knowledge Base

    Curate, create, collect, share, search, access knowledge, and fuel growth with learning management to power your business.

Our LMS Solutions:

  • LMS for Education
  • LMS for Partner Training
  • LMS for Corporations
  • LMS for Customer Training
  • LMS for Training Companies

Key LMS Features:

  • Scorm Tincan API
  • Competencies
  • Blended Learning
  • Extended Enterprise
  • Fully Customizable
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Social Learning
  • Multilanguage LMS
  • User Friendly
  • Gamification
  • Sell Courses Online
  • Interactive Video
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Advanced Reports
  • Learning Paths

Why Clients Choose LMS:

LMS – The Best Elearning Software

LMS Solutions, the leading Silicon Valley-based elearning services provider, puts forth LMS as one of the best elearning software.

Learning Management System Chatbot

The advancement of artificial intelligence is now in full turnaround, and chatbots are only an obscure splash on a huge wave of progress.

LMS Integrations For Better eLearning

The LMS integrations are the primary aspect to define the long term success of implementing an LMS.

LMS is SCORM Compliant

SCORM compatibility is one of the main features in LMS SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004.