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We, iSpatial Techno Solutions (iST) an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, having a nearly decade of experience in the area of Information Technology Planning, Program Management, Solutions and Services. Head Office is located in Hyderabad, India. We have successfully delivered solutions and services to our clients across the globe by collaboration with international partners. Founder members have held prior leading positions with leading firms in the IT industry.

iSpatial Techno Solutions started with a vision of providing Smart Solutions to automate the business process into Software Solutions. We have successfully built the Geo-enabled Rapid Solution Development Platforms, which helps to quickly deliver High-quality Solutions with Optimized Cost.

We have successfully built Smart Solution Frameworks, which helps us to deliver value proposition to our clients in the area of Location-based Geo-enabled Solutions (both 2D & 3D GIS), Web/Mobility Solutions, Business Analytics, Business Process Automation & Enterprise Integration Solutions. Our Innovation Team is also working extensively on building solutions using Envision Technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), 3D Solutions, Automation & Big Data Analytics.

Our Key achievements include execution & successful delivery of complex projects to our client by saving cost & time, with high quality standards. We are very keen in finding the right opportunities & suitable candidates, architecturing solution framework, meeting project timelines & our commitments. Our clients got 5 major international awards for the solutions that we have implemented. Our solutions have been delivered for Government Sectors, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Transportation, Insurance, Banking, Property Development, Environmental, Educational & Healthcare verticals.

6 Successful Products

100+ Clients Globally

20 Business Partners

6 International Awards(For our Projects)

Active Presence in 5 Countries


iSpatialTec has been delivering technology solutions globally which facilitate efficiency, increased productivity, performance, transparency and online workflows, incorporating built in processes, controls, programs and interfaces. Our solutions aid in quick decision making which is facilitated by the analysis of various data sources and business logic rules, leading to increased efficiency and productivity at all levels...



We design and develop enterprise level Internet/Intranet business applications. Our services fall into one of the following major categories.

Industrial Expertise

iSpatialTec serves a wide spectrum of industries ranging from Government, Security, Utilities, Oil & Gas and much more.


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